Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Home Update

Things are going well here at home.  There were some struggles yesterday evening.  One of the medicated creams that we were sent home with was running out.  No problem, I thought - just ask the local doctor to order the refill, and away we go.  Well, not quite so easy.  Apparently there are precious few pharmacies that actually do compounding, and even then, they have to have the formula to mix it correctly.  I chatted with several folks at Mayo last night trying to get that information to the pharmacy, only to learn that they were not able to make it.  They did however help me find somewhere locally that could make it, so we got it taken care of today.

Rondia is doing well, just taking it easy, working on some Chocolate Mooze stuff.  BTW, if you are not a Facebook friend of Chocolate Mooze, please check it out.  They make some amazing and creative stuff, as well as some mighty tasty dip mixes.  My personal favorite is the White Chocolate Cranberry dip that I affectionately call "Fat Boy Crack".  Just one taste, and you are hooked.

Anyway, we are continuing with the wet wrap treatments, and really seeing some great results.  We heard from the doctors at the Mayo Clinic today, and now have all of the results and documentation from our trip, and our local doctor has them as well.  Rondia has a follow up appointment with our local doctor next Friday, so I'm sure that we will have some additional questions, and surely answers as well.

Keep the thoughts and prayers coming, they are greatly appreciated !!

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