Thursday, February 3, 2011

Continued Good Progress

Well, we continue to see progress with the wet wrap treatments.  While we were told by the Mayo doctors that the skin breakouts would continue for some time, we are experiencing "milder" and "smaller" patches developing.  Rondia has actually been able to begin scaling back the frequency of her treatments which is very encouraging.

We received all of the reports, results, and documents that were produced from our Mayo Clinic visit.  Very comprehensive, very complete, very detailed, yet very personable.  We learned in nauseating clinical detail everything that the doctors there did, found, said, speculated, and confirmed.  These same documents that we sometimes struggle to understand, we assume will make perfect sense to her three local doctors that will be managing her care.  We say that, however there is still a possibility that some of them may not feel comfortable enough with the diagnosis, and proposed treatment plans, that we may be continuing some aspect of the treatments and follow up with others, say at Vanderbilt.

We have our first "post-Mayo" doctor visit tomorrow.  There are some things that we are continuing to watch closely - like blood pressure.  We were told to expect it to be higher than normal while on a strong steroid therapy, so she is keeping a very close eye on it.

More to come tomorrow evening after this doctor appointment, so stay tuned.

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