Monday, January 24, 2011

Day One Update

While I had a few minutes, I wanted to give a brief update concerning our day one experience here at the Mayo Clinic.  We saw the chief dermatologist this morning who did an extremely thorough history and physical, along with a physical examination.  Without going into great details, we have learned that she does not have the Stevens-Johnson Syndrome as originally thought.  Instead it is an even rarer condition, a form of psoriasis.  They typically only see about one case a year of this.  They took some samples, and we had some additional lab work.  We will have a new medication, and new way of treating her skin, and told that it may be up to nine months before she is completely healed.  More to come later, so please stay tuned.  We have had a great first day, but she is pretty tired, and hopefully will be leaving here soon for the day.

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